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Dual Texture

Inspire, entertain, push all limits by combining

technical difficulty with stunning aesthetics.

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Use and reuse

We select our materials very carefully

to ensure the greatest resistance to frequent stress and cleaning.



We offer more than 80 volumes and three different types of texture to meet all your setting requirements.

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Be amazed

We produce every single volume with special attention to detail to provide a 100% Made in Italy experience.

All the same size,

still endless fun

Tatooine &

Two sets with a completely different style. Ready to be challenged?

Take a look a the news

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Project +39

We work in collaboration with a group of Italian craft companies that share our huge passion for climbing.

We have decided to join forces to create new products and services in the future for climbing professionals and all lovers of this incredible sport.

Why +39?

Get to know our story.

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Interested in reselling our products?

We are always looking for new collaborations.

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