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Discover our complete sets

Each set is a game of creativity: just a few well-designed volumes that can be used to create countless different routes.

A set of volumes
is not just
a set of tools.

When you look at it, you know it will eventually hold two great stories: all the enthusiasm of

planning the route, and all the ambition of

tackling it.

These are our visions.



A problem where balance and precision are key to your success. It may look predictable, but it holds many surprises. 


Climb it with intelligence and experience.


A problem with a thousand different betas, suited for all styles. Just have fun while stepping out of your comfort zone.


Reinvent your movements with each climb.



Another major challenge waiting to be faced. If you love long routes where you can prove

your resistance, you can't miss

this one!

Climb it on-sight.



Welcome to the World Cup with this breathtaking route! To reach the top, you can only rely on your indomitable will.

Enjoy it with the crowd!

play card.png
big paw.png


An overhang problem to

unleash all you energy. Your hands squeeze the volumes...

And then just dynos, screams,

and passion. 

Yes, this is boulder!

Your imagination is your strength.

There is no limit to the amazement you can create.

Share it with us.

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How can you customise your volumes?

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For each pack or full set, you can choose the texture you wish: Infinity Grip, Dual Texture or Dual Texture Colour.

You can also pick any colour listed in the catalogue and decide whether you want volumes with or without T-nuts.

Please download the catalogue for further information.

Custom orders

We can make volumes in any shape, size or colour other than those listed in the catalogue. 

Please contact us to receive a quotation.

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