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Who are we?

We are climbers, like you.

We are craftsmen, for you.

We want to form a community of professionals, that includes you.

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Our story began more than ten years ago, long before we founded a company.

It is a story in which we were protagonists as trainees, climbers, athletes, instructors, and judges, together with many fellow adventurers.


In 2018 we made the decision that changed our lives: we created Play Climbing Volues, the project that has been allowing us to combine our passion for climbing with our profession as wood craftsmen.

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A community

We have many plans for the future. We hope to continue taking part in national competitions, and even in more important events. But above all, we want to play an active role in the evolution of sport climbing.

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Project +39


It is the result of our collaboration with four Italian companies: Ember Holds, Evo Climb, Owl Climb, Nut Climbing Brushes.

Each of us produce handcrafted products: volumes, brushes, hangboards, clothing, or climbing accessories.

Through this project, we plan to offer even more in the future, including new services and exciting experiences for all climbers and professionals.

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Why +39?

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+39 is the prefix you use to call a phone number based in Italy. It is our way of telling you that yes, we are Italian, but we are also seeking a connection with professionals and passionate climbers wherever they are.

If you are curious about our project or want to share your ideas with us, please contact us!

We are always excited about new projects and collaborations!

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