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The right design for each setting

Customise your volumes to create unique routes according to your own style.

infinity grip.png

Infinity Grip

One-texture classic,
just go for it.

dual texture.png

Dual Texture

Texture and smooth finished wood: when the route gets tough.

dual texture colour.png

Dual Texture Colour

Texture and lacquering
in bright colours:

visually explosive.

Find out how to customise your volumes

Anatomy of our volumes


18 mm birch plywood

Soft texture with high friction

pyramid volume.png

Screw-on fixing

Stainless steel T-nuts

Two-component polyurethane paint

How do we work?

We craft each volume with the utmost care

We use the most durable materials. This way,

we can guarantee you safe and stable

volumes that last.

We assemble all pieces by hand and ensure

that each volume is up to your professional



Take a look at the gallery to see some of our products. 

play artisan.png


Wooden volumes that redesign and decorate your gym.

Volumes resistant to the constant stress applied

on the wall.

Volumes resistant to frequent cleaning with a

high-pressure washer.

Complete customisation of texture, colour, and

use of T-nuts.

Did you know?

We apply lacquer on the inside of our volumes as well to increase their resistance to washing.

Moreover, we drill the screw holes to be as small as possibile when the volume is mounted on the wall.

This way, the likelihood of using them during a climb is significantly reduced. Which means… no more unplanned monos!

play painter.png

Do you have old or damaged wooden volumes?

We can restore them for you! You’ll get them back like new thanks to:

• Sanding
• Plastering
• Drilling of new holes
• Insertion of new T-nuts
• Lacquering with Infinity Grip texture

Plus, we can restore the texture of PU holds and volumes.
Contact us to learn more about this service.

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